Lake Champlain


Things are starting to change. Water is cooling off and pike should be coming shallow again soon. Time to start thinking about throwing big streamers for big pike. Not a lot of them but enough to make time on the lake worth it in the coming couple of months!

Seven-day forecast 

Watch the weather reports closely- especially with the wind. Don't try to go out on the lake in a canoe in high winds! A boat is much much safer and will allow you to cover a lot more water. Use caution because the lake is low and there are many rocks or other obstructions close to the surface that may not be normally present this time of year.

Must Have Flies 
Lefty's Deceiver white 2/0 Buy from
Clouser Minnow white, chartreuse an 6-2/0s Buy from
Pike Bunny red/white, Chartreu 1/0-4/0 Buy from
Mickey Finn 2-10 Buy from
Hise Hex gray, white, chart/white 8-12 Buy from
May's Full Motion Crayfish 4 Buy from
Report from: Drew Price

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