Lake St. Clair

Tip of the week 

Baitfish, crayfish and large nymph patterns work year round in open water and ice; work weed beds, structure and depth changes.

Work depth changes and use attractor flies. Topwater flies will take both smallmouth and white bass in the very early morning.

Fish along color changes which indicate depth change, weed lines, or structure.

Seven-day forecast 

Fishing for steelhead on the Clinton River below the dam or Trout above Yates dam will be your best bet as of late and the watmer temps.

Must Have Flies 
Bucktail Deceiver Olive 6 Buy from
Jan's Carp Tickler brown 6 Buy from
Tungsten Jig Bugger OLIVE 4 Buy from
Josh's Wiggle Hellgrammite Olive 8 Buy from
Half And Half White/Olive 6 Buy from
Cowen's Baitfish Buy from
Orvis Royal Oak

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