Lake St. Clair

Tip of the week 

Bait Fish patterns are working the best right now, goby, shinners, clouser style flies will work.
Slow your fly down when bringing it in, colder temps have fish moving slower.

Sharpen your auger and get ready for ice fishing

Seven-day forecast 

Watch the weather, keep on eye out for high winds and you want to fish befoere big temp swings.

Either wait for the ice to come in, or get out there and fish!!

Must Have Flies 
Puglisi Diver Olive 8 Buy from
Hare's Ear Nymph brown 6 Buy from
Ian's Epoxy Minnow OLIVE 4 Buy from
Shaky Worm RED 8 Buy from
May's Clearwater Crayfish White/Olive 6 Buy from
Orvis Royal Oak

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