Lake Taneycomo

Tip of the week 

With streamer patterns, use intermediate sink leaders or sinking tip lines with 4X tippet and cast across the stream on and allow the fly to sink and swing with the current. In high water indicator rigs with heavy shot and dropper rigs with San Juan worms fish deep are a good way to go. With no generation look for moving water, drop offs and deeper water. Use 6x tippet and the lightest indicator possible, good choices are big dry flies and palsas. Zebra midges are a food staple at Taneycomo, but plan to change colors and depths to keep the fish hooking up. These fish turn on and off to color depending on where you are fishing the river. Scuds work well in the outlet area near the dam and hatchery.

Seven-day forecast 

Sunny this morning, but we expect to see some cooler, cloudy weather move in late today. Probably in the 40s both today and tomorrow. Thursday and Friday are flirting with 50s, but by the weekend, we are expecting low 60s and no moisture until late on Sunday. Fishing has been good to very good. The exception has been after they ran four units this week and then shut it back or didn't shut it back. A couple touch two days this week because of this generation pattern. But, as I said, fishing should continue to be good. Checked the dissolved oxygen on the website and it is still very good compared to previous years at this time of the year. Certainly a plus for the fish. Still seeing some browns but think the peck is over. The fish are in very good condition and have definitely been eating well these past few days. You can always call us for an update or keep checking the schedules and real time for generation. A link to that information and phone numbers is available on our website. (Click on River Run Outfitters at the top of the page and the link to "Visit our Website" for current trip reports and pictures and generation schedules.)

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