Little Pigeon River - Middle and West Prongs

Tip of the week 

This is mountain fishing in its truest form. Stay low, wear drab-colored clothing and get good dead drifts. Always fish upstream and try not to "high bank" fish. Short casts will help you get the best drift. Stalk your prey. Great Smoky Mountain fish are 100 percent wild and they are very wary.

Seven-day forecast 

For most of the week we only have a 10 - 20% chance of rain. Saturday - Sunday there is a 40 - 60% chance of rain.
Highs will be in the mid to upper 80's lows will be in the lower 60's.

Must Have Flies 
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Prince Nymph natural 14-18 Buy from
Travis Para Ant Black 12-16 Buy from
Adams Natural 12-14 Buy from
Stimulator Yellow 8-14 Buy from
Rosenbauer Parachute Beetle Natural 12-14 Buy from
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