Madison River - Below Ennis Lake

Tip of the week 

Flows are stable now after the succession of increases over the past week. The water is high so fish will be holding tight to the banks or in the bottom of deeper buckets. Be careful wading as there will be some debris coming down the river. Try dead drifting sculpins and crayfish with worms behind. There had been some color in the water but that's most likely coming from the fact that the flows are as high as they've been this year so far. Also Cherry and Elk Creeks have been adding plenty of color. The lower still remains the cleanest moving water around.

Seven-day forecast 

Rainy weather in the forecast should be good for fishing.

Must Have Flies 
Jan's Trout Crayfish 8-12 Buy from
Yellow Sally 14 Buy from
Elk Wing Caddis Olive or Tan 14-18 Buy from
Bead Head Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Natural 14-16 Buy from
Zonker Copper or Pearl 8-12 Buy from
Bead Head Emerging Sparkle Caddis Pupa Olive or Tan 14-16 Buy from
Fins and Feathers-Bozeman

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