Press Contacts

Chris Hunt

Chris Hunt is TU’s director of national communications. He is based in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Call Chris: (208) 552-0891, ext. 714
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Randy Scholfield

Randy Scholfield is TU's Southwest region communications director, covering Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. He is based in Denver.
Call Randy: (720) 375-3961
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Shauna Sherard

Shauna Sherard is the Northwest region communications director, covering Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. She is based in southwest Montana.
Call Shauna: (307) 630-0589
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Josh Duplechian

Josh Duplechian is TU's video and creative director. He is based in Denver.
Call Josh: (208) 241-4026
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Jenny Weis

Jenny Weis is the communications director and digital advocacy specialist for TU’s Alaska Program. She is based in Anchorage.
Call Jenny: (952) 210-7095
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Kirk Deeter

Kirk Deeter is the editor of TROUT Magazine. He is based in Pine, Colo.
Call Kirk: (303) 838-8708
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Samantha Carmichael

Samantha Carmichael is the deputy editor of TROUT Magazine. She is based in Washington, D.C.
Call Samantha: (703) 284-9422
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Sam Davidson

Sam Davidson is the California Communications Director.  He is based on the Central Coast of California.
Call Sam: (831) 235-2542.
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Brett Prettyman

Brett Prettyman is the Intermountain region communications director, covering Wyoming, Utah and Nevada. He is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Call Brett: (801) 209-5320.
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Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is the Eastern region communications director. He covers all states east of the Mississippi River, and is based in Roanoke, Va.
Call Mark: (540) 353-3556.

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