Missouri River - Below Holter Dam

Tip of the week 

Nymphing has been the best technique to catch fish consistently right now. Fishing in 2'-6' of water will get you into fish. Mayfly nymphs and midges such as Mirage Nymph, Little Green Machine, Love Bug and Zebra Midges are good to use. Fish these flies with either a heavy Bloom's Weight Fly, Wire Worm, Czech Nymph, or split shot to get your flies down to the fish. Our Thingamaleader Butt Sections make rigging these nymphs super easy.

The dry fly fishing is picking up, wind or no wind, look to the banks and sheltered side channels and you should be able to find targets!. When you do come across rising fish, think small flies like sizes 18-22. The fish are focusing on baetis, pseudos, a few caddis, and midges when the conditions are right. The best way to fish dries on the Missouri is with a 9-14 foot leader and size 18-22 flies.

Streamer fishing is picking up with the cool weather heading in. Don't neglect your streamers as Fall starts to approach us. Kreelex, sculpins, and buggers are the go to.

Seven-day forecast 

Looks like a good week to come fish the MO! Temperatures are pretty consistent with highs ranging from 52-60 and lows from 35-41. Every day looks to be mostly cloudy with very little chance of rain. There will be some moderate winds averaging in the low teens but you can come throw streamers until the winds die and the baetis come off the water! See ya here!

Must Have Flies 
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