Missouri River - Below Holter Dam

Tip of the week 

Nymphing is the main way to get into fish. There are Tricos in the mid to late morning that will bring fish up but the spinner fall is spotty now and dictated by weather (mostly wind). The terrestrial bite in the PM is good but you have to commit to it and cover some water. Streamers are great when there's clouds. There's not just one technique that will get you into fish. Mix it up as conditions dictate and you'll have fun fooling fish for a good part of the day.

Seven-day forecast 

Hot early this week, gradually getting cooler into the weekend. Lots of smoke from the PNW sitting in the river corridor. The less sun on the water - the better. Always bring your sunscreen and light rain jacket. You can see live weather links on our website on the Streamflow and Snowpack page at www.crosscurrents.com. Of course you can always give us a call in either shop to get an up to the second weather or fishing report.

Must Have Flies 
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