Missouri River - Below Holter Dam

Tip of the week 

We have been throwing a big dry fly blind or nymphing double nymph rigs, and then looking for pods of fish rising along the way. Changing up that big blind dry to a smaller adams or blue wing olive cripple would be a productive way to fish to those pods. A good double nymph rig to try is a Czech Nymph or Blooms Weight Fly and a small, sparkly nymph (Lightning, Green Machine, Zebra, etc.). Stripping and swinging streamers is also producing when the weather cooperates.

Seven-day forecast 

This weeks we will have temps in the mid 70's and lower 60s and sunny. AMs are cold -sometimes below freezing so no rush to be on the river early. Please call our Craig store at 406-235-3433 or our Helena location at 406-449-2292 for up to the second information. Also, check out our website at www.crosscurrents.com for live weather reports and weather web cams and live wind information. Surf over to our blog, The Currents Seam (www.currentseam.com) for up to date fishing reports and other fun info and photos.

Must Have Flies 
Adam's Purple Parachute #16-20 Buy from Orvis.com
Blue Wing Olive Parachute #16-#20 Buy from Orvis.com
Griffith's Gnat black #16-#20 Buy from Orvis.com
Conehead Rubber Bugger black #6-#10 Buy from Orvis.com
Rojo Midge Black/Red #18-#20 Buy from Orvis.com
Tunghead Pheasant Tail Jig Brown/Green #16-#20 Buy from Orvis.com
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