Mossy Creek

Tip of the week 

The creek is clear and tricos are hatching in the morning and sulphurs and drakes are still popping in the evening. Streamers are working in the low light areas and on overcast days. Big fish are moving on big aggressively fished flies right now. Hopper and japanese beetles are out in full force right now. The terrestrial fishing is in full peak season, Go prospect the shady banks and undercuts with your favorite big topwater flies right now!

Seven-day forecast 

Enjoy the last remaining weeks of our great dry fly fishing!

Must Have Flies 
Sparkle Dun tan, brown, green 8, 10 Buy from
Blue Winged Olive 8 Buy from
RS2 black 8-12 Buy from
Eastern Green Drake black, red 14-16 Buy from
Muddler Minnow 12-16 Buy from
Mossy Creek Fly Fishing

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