Tip of the week 

Beach fishing is slow now. Plenty of blues off of the south shore from boats. And still a few bass in the rips. Bonito are on the bar. Plenty of Black Sea Bass.

Seven-day forecast 

We have Bonito inshore and Bluefin out at the Dump. Marlin are showing uo within 20 miles of shore. The bass are still here in spite of the warm water.False Albacore are just arriving. Should be a great fall. We are still seeing plenty of Bass.


Water is warming up. Plenty o bait in the water. Atlantic Bonito have shown up at the Bonito Bar and are chasing bombers and bunnies. With the recent rough water, we are seeing lots of small bass in the rips. One has to be careful of the breakers on the sandbars but the result can be very rewarding.

Must Have Flies 
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