Tip of the week 

Almost anywhere off the beach, particularly along the north shore at night. Cast and walk until you find them. Bass and Blues are all over the rips, look for the birds and breaking fish.

Seven-day forecast 

As the water warms and the weather settles down, We expect to have some great fishing for Bass and Blues. Right now we are getting mostly schoolies but the larger fish are starting to show up. June is our peak month for Striped Bass. Sight fishing on the flats will be red hot as will the fishing in the outer rips.Bass are here, both big and small.


Water has warmed up. On good days, fishing is good but there has been alot of wind, making flycasting a challenge.

Must Have Flies 
Half And Half chartruse 1/0 Buy from
Bucktail Deceiver white 1/0 Buy from
Clouser Minnow Cha/wh 1/0 Buy from
Surf Candy green/white 1/0 Buy from
Monomoy Flatwing 2-4 Buy from
Montauk Monster 1/0 Buy from
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