New York Harbor

Tip of the week 

Fish the bunker schools

Seven-day forecast 

Offshore should continue to be good, and inshore no change until weather cools.


Inshore in NY Harbor is typical of this time of the year, very slow, some Stripers and Blues, but that's it.

Long Beach Island flats and back bay is fishing OK, some school bass on Poppers early morning and late afternoon
Offshore however is a different story. If you want to catch a Mahi on Fly now is the time. Also the White Marlin fishing is great. So, if you are prepared to go offshore do it now, it s a fluorides heaven for Mahi.

Must Have Flies 
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Mylar Popper Olive/White 4/0 Buy from
Half And Half Olive/White 2/0-4/0 Buy from
Saltwater Popper olive/white 2/0-4/0 Buy from
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