New York Harbor

Tip of the week 

closed for season, will reopen 5/1/15

Seven-day forecast 

closed for season, will reopen 5/1/15. Thanks for your buisness and see you next season.


Striped Bass are still around in good numbers! Depending how fast the temps drop will indicate how long the migration will last.

Must Have Flies 
Bucktail Deceiver Chartreuse/White 4/0 Buy from
Mylar Popper Olive/White 4/0 Buy from
Half And Half Olive/White 2/0-4/0 Buy from
Saltwater Popper olive/white 2/0-4/0 Buy from
Banger white 2/0-4/0 Buy from
Orvis Endorsed Guide Baitfish Fly Selection - 8 Flies green 2/0-4/0 Buy from
Fin Chaser Charters

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