North Platte River

Tip of the week 

The river continues to drop daily. Fish will start to move behind the boulders and structure away from the banks. Use high sticking techniques to target fish in fast pockets. Also look for rising fish in the evening sipping Pmd's and Caddis.

Seven-day forecast 

The coming week 7/20-7/27 looks to bring epic fishing conditions. We're expecting temps in the high 70's with clear skies and not much cloud cover. Look for the best fishing to be early and late in the days.

Must Have Flies 
Wester CDC Sulpher Dry Fly PMD 14-16 Buy from
Bead Head Stonefly PRL 8-12 Buy from
Vernille San Juan Worm Pink & Purple 18-24 Buy from
Tunghead Stonefly Black 8-12 Buy from
CDC Caddis Olive 12-16 Buy from
Wester CDC Sulpher Dry Fly PMD 16 Buy from
North Park Anglers

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