North Platte River

Tip of the week 

Float season has come to an end on the Platte, and walk wade season is upon us! The flows are low enough to cross in numerous places, and the fish are moving into the troughs and pockets across the river. Early in the morning before the sun gets to high and in the afternoon when the clouds roll in have been the most productive times. PMDs, caddis, yellow sallies, and golden stones are the name of the game in terms of bugs right now. As for nymphs, all of the bugs above are working well, as well as pink worms, stone flies, and other patterns such as hares ears and princes.

Seven-day forecast 

Over the next 7 days we're expecting to see beautiful weather with highs in the upper 70's to mid 80's.

Must Have Flies 
Eastern Green Drake Green 10-12 Buy from
Elk Wing Caddis Tan 16 Buy from
Josh's Wiggle Hellgrammite Balck 8-10 Buy from
Bead Head Stonefly Black 8-10 Buy from
TeQueely Streamer Copper Hot Dog 2-6 Buy from
Bead Head Woolly Bugger Streamer Black 6-8 Buy from
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