North Platte River

Tip of the week 

The river has dropped and is now at an excellent level for wade fishing. Picking apart the pocket water with dry-dropper rigs as well as nymph rigs will be best. Look for quick transitions from shallow to deep water and expect the fish to be laying right off the shelves. Also keep an eye out for Trico's. You should see a good spinner fall from 9:30-noon providing very good shots at rising fish.

Seven-day forecast 

The coming week 9/15-9/21 looks to bring epic fishing conditions. We're expecting temps in the high 60's and low 70's with good chances for rain in the forecast. Head to the flat sections in search of Tricos in the am (9am-noon) then head to the boulder fields for more active fish.

Must Have Flies 
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Indicator Parachute - Trico Trico 18-22 Buy from
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