North Platte River

Tip of the week 

The North Platte fishes best this time of year from daylight until 1-2pm then again in the evening. The river is low and the fish are moving around throughout the day in search of food. Early in the day try and target the deeper pools and runs where the fish will be resting. Around 9 am head to the slower runs and tail-outs looking for pods of fish feeding on Trico's. In the afternoon the fish will blackout again into the slower water looking for bugs on the surface. This time of year is a ton of fun and the best success will come to those that are willing to keep switching it up. Good Luck!

Seven-day forecast 

It look's like were headed for a cool weather week. Highs in the 60's for the net couple days. We think that will be great for fishing! Fish ON!

Must Have Flies 
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