North Santiam River - Big Cliff to South Santiam

Tip of the week 

Steelhead: Classic Wet Fly Swing in runs and tailouts, Indicator Nymphing through boulder fields.

Trout: Indicator Nymphing through current seams and riffles.Spontaneous dry fly action at times. Stoneflies are hatching this time of year (Salmonfly and Skwala). A tandem nymph rig is a great option.

Seven-day forecast 

Flows are currently around 5700 cfs (at Mehama) but are expected to drop to 3700 cfs by the weekend.

Winter Steelhead (wild) are above Stayton and actively spawning now through early June. Avoid their redds and give them some room to do their dance. With only 120 fish (10% of norm) having made it to the headwaters, every potential hatchling counts!

Must Have Flies 
Meg A Egg Sucking Leech Black/Purple 2-6 Buy from
Showgirl Purple 6 Buy from
Steelhead Hammer Brown 6 Buy from
Electric Prince Copper 12-14 Buy from
Yakcaddis Tan 6 Buy from
Bead Head Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Brown 16 Buy from
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