Orlando Area Lakes and Ponds

Tip of the week 

The bass are attracted toward the middle of the lake as small shad are feeding recklessly over submerged hydrilla. White wooly buggers, Puglisi glass minnows, and Brooke's blonde in white, size 6 or 8-ll are good imitations. We think there is a tiny-tiny midge hatch around sunrise and sunset. Shad eat the midges-Bass eat the shad. There are a few anglers who have caught 12 inch shad. They jump, and will pull against your drag. So while we don't usually target the shad, perhaps we should. Size 20 BHzebra midges have caught the shad in the past. The surface will begin to boil with activity for about a minute. Then the action may move to another spot in the lake. These fish can be easily approached by boat with trolling motor or even with the outboard running.

Seven-day forecast 

Elsewhere, you will see a hopper dropper rig mentioned. This time of year is when the bigger grass hoppers become common. Large, scary foam hoppers can be deadly on their own, and they are double deadly when used with a dropper. Typical droppers are bh pheasant tails sz14 and bh prince sz 12. But, try small minnow patterns as the season's frye are about 1 inch long. Puglissi's glass minnows in sz 8, or Gibson's Myakka minnow sz 8 are good options under the hopper.

Must Have Flies 
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