Orlando Area Lakes and Ponds

Tip of the week 

There is lots of action in the lily pads for bluegill. The grass shrimp are late, but happening right now. While there are still some tilapia on the bed, we are post spawn for bass. Again, Smaller bass 10"-16" are cruising weedlines, and in general, are in deeper water again. Deep diving Clouser minnows are reliable, but use a smaller size for these fish. While we normally use size 2, but have found size 6 to be best this week. Bluegill are taking clousers too.

Seven-day forecast 

Mild days are producing some spectacular sunset fishing. With cool mornings and warm afternoons, move your fishing day towards afternoons and evenings, instead of sunrise. Dragon flies and damsel flies are beginning to appear, so try those adult patterns, or try some nymph versions. Weighted wooly bugger is a great version of this.

Must Have Flies 
Clouser Minnow Chartreuse 6 Buy from Orvis.com
Woolly Bugger olive 8 Buy from Orvis.com
Clouser Minnow white 6 Buy from Orvis.com
Bead Head Soft Hackle Hare's Ear Nymph natural 2 Buy from Orvis.com
Weedless Sneaky Pete Popper chartrues 6 Buy from Orvis.com
Classic Frog yellow 6 Buy from Orvis.com
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