Orlando Area Lakes and Ponds

Tip of the week 

Find the moving water and take advantage of the concentration of fish. Getting out early is key to avoid the heat, bugs, and other boaters. Topwater early and fishing the shade during the afternoon will provide the best results. If they miss your topwater fly then immediately smack it down right where they missed and usually they'll hit again. Or tie on a small trailer nymph behind your topwater if they are still following your fly.

Seven-day forecast 

Today, a customer sent in a picture with a bluegill caught on a fly from our Fly Tying class. Dragonfly nymphs and adults are a year round food for Bass and Bluegill in Central Florida. They are fun to fish/mimic and easy to tie. The current forecast hasrain increasing for the next week. There are several potential tropical disturbances in the Atlantic at time of this report that could blow up into something that would mess up the fishing. The water levels on the Peace River, Hillsborough River, and Myakka River are above normal. Econ and Kissimme Rivers are about normal. Lake levels remained about the same across Central Florida, but we expect to see them rise with rains. There will be plenty of water moving through creeks, rivers, and canals. Canals with moving water should be good bluegill fishing all week.

Must Have Flies 
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