Otter Creek - Mid to Lower

Tip of the week 

Its November and most folks stop targeting Pike but they are still active and much thicker and heavier than in the Summer as they are putting on weight for the Winter. For Pike fish your flies a bit slower as the water temps are hovering in the low 50's. I like to strip 3 times and count to 3 and repeat all the way back to my feet. Don't just pull your fly out of the water and recast! Take an extra 30 seconds to a minute and swim your fly around before casting it out again. Pike are ambush predators and most of the time hang back and attack at the last second. Last Saturday this happened to me. After my third cast in a likely area I was slowly swimming my fly along the bank in 3" of water. I was about to pull it out of the water I saw a wake coming from the deeper water.... BAM a very chunky mid 30" Pike crushed it. Good luck, carry pliers, a big net, use steel leaders and a 8 to 10 wt to help you properly catch and release Pike.

Seven-day forecast 

The current flow of the Otter is 443cfs. We have a very nice week of weather in the forecast. Some daytime temps even approaching the mid 50's.

Must Have Flies 
Foam Park Hopper 12-14 Buy from
Bead Head Prince natural 6 Buy from
Conehead Rubber Bugger Green 14-20 Buy from
Gray Fox Variant Pink Buy from
Stream and Brook Fly Fishing

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