Otter Creek - Mid to Lower

Tip of the week 

Top water Pike this time of year is a blast. Try Frogs and Mouse patterns around weedy/grassy banks and around log jams or brush piles. Sometimes you will find very big fish in these areas. Pike are an ambush predator and they tend to hang out in areas where they can get a quick meal. Spots where lots of bait fish to mid size fish hang out.

Seven-day forecast 

The current flow of the Otter is 257 cfs. The river temps will vary from 70-73. The clarity is great and besides a few chances of thunder storms we have great weather in the 7 day forecast.

Must Have Flies 
Foam Park Hopper 12-14 Buy from
Bead Head Prince natural 6 Buy from
Conehead Rubber Bugger Green 14-20 Buy from
Gray Fox Variant Pink Buy from
Stream and Brook Fly Fishing

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