Otter Creek - Mid to Lower

Tip of the week 

Happy New Year! *Reminder* Get your 2016 VT fishing license!

The fishing has actually been great for this time of year! Had Brendan from Hartford, CT out yesterday. We got a small Brown Trout in the net around the Middlebury area and had a few more on. The fish seemed more keyed in on nymphs than streamers. If you flip over a few rocks you will see lots of bug life clinging to the bottom.

I like to run a two streamer set up through the deeper runs and holes first then a double nymph set up with an indicator. Most action yesterday was on the second time through spots with nymphs.

For streamers I like the first one to be big and colorful. Either White or Yellow. This lets me see it when I'm dredging deeper holes and the Otter does have some Trophy Browns and Rainbows swimming around in it. In the bend of the hook I tie on about 24" of tippet and add a small Black or Rusty Bugger. Sometimes a cone head Muddle Minnow or even a Slump Buster. If your not getting deep enough add split shots above the first streamer This is not the pretties setup to cast but when your Winter fishing you almost always have the spots to yourself and its about getting down where the fish are.

My go to nymph set ups include a Golden Stone or Girdle Bug as the lead fly. Both heavily weighted and big! In the bend of the hook add 20" of tippet and try a Prince Nymph, Green Copper John, Hares Ear, PT Nymph or the Zug Bug. In VT you can fish 3 flies so you can even add something real small as a third fly if you want, like an RS2. Remember adding more flies makes it that much more difficult to untangle especially with frozen hands. So keep it simple. I recommend gearing up and having your setup tied on before you leave the house so you step out of a warm car and start fishing right away.

Seven-day forecast 

The current flow of the Otter is 1,180cfs and dropping fats. The clarity is perfect! Rain on Sunday had the Creek pretty swollen just under 2,000cfs. Should be very cold Monday/Tuesday and Thursday maybe even single digits at night. Ice is forming along the edges of the fast water and on the long slow water above the falls. Wade safely and dress like your going skiing!

Must Have Flies 
Foam Park Hopper 12-14 Buy from
Bead Head Prince natural 6 Buy from
Conehead Rubber Bugger Green 14-20 Buy from
Gray Fox Variant Pink Buy from
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