Otter Creek - Mid to Lower

Tip of the week 

For hot streamer action use a sink tip and pound the banks! This is true for Smallmouths and Pike. If your fishing for Smallmouths a cone-headed Wolly Bugger in Rusty Brown or Purple have been hot. Any Sculpin pattern is great right now. I use a 5wt or 6wt with 9' leader that is 8 pound test.
For Pike just use similar retrieves in the same ares but use a 8-10wt and flies that are 6-10 inches long. Make sure you have at least 15 to 30 pound test, a steel leader and the proper tools handy to deal with a big toothy critter. That means a big net, pliers and even jaw spreaders. For flies Perch patterns, Red/White, Pinbk/White and all Black have been drawing lots of strikes. This time of year strip the big tandem flies as fast as you can!

Seven-day forecast 

The Otter is very low and sluggish. It's at 312 cfs and the current temp in Midd is 70. It was at 68 one day last week and then it jumped to 72 quickly. Some cool night/ cold rain and cold water coming in from tribs has kept the river temps moving all around. We are expecting a big soaking storm starting tonight and lasting all day tomorrow. Some areas in VT may see 2 inches of rain. This will certainly spike the river and maybe even turn the Otter in to a muddy mess. It also will improve the fishing!

Must Have Flies 
Foam Park Hopper 12-14 Buy from
Bead Head Prince natural 6 Buy from
Conehead Rubber Bugger Green 14-20 Buy from
Eastern Trout Summer Selection white 6-10 Buy from
Gray Fox Variant Pink Buy from
Clouser Minnow 12-16 Buy from
Stream and Brook Fly Fishing

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