Pine Creek

Tip of the week 

Pine is at the 2.24 foot mark on the gauge. With the water in the 62-70 degree range. On top try a big Hex, Psycho Ant, Slate Drake, Light Cahill, BWO, Sulphur. Underneath try a Drake Emerger, Pheasanttail, Hares Ear, Copper John, Micro Stone, Prince. There are many, many trout on the Delayed Harvest stretch at Slate Run!! Also, try a terrestrial - especially a Psycho Ant!

Seven-day forecast 

LOOKS GREAT with big Hexes, a smaller yellow that looks like a Gray Fox, Slate Drakes, Cahills, Stones, Cahills, a lot of trout feeding, especially in the early morning and late evening, and on cloudy days throughout the afternoon! It is time to try the LARGE Psycho Ant!!

Must Have Flies 
Slate Run Tackle

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