Pine Island Sound - Ding Darling Refuge & Eastern Charlotte Harbor

Tip of the week 

Early morning departures are less important now. Reds and snook are moving into the creeks. Trout are on the grass. Floating lines and weighted flies are getting just deep enough for consistent bites.

Seven-day forecast 

The mangroves are waking up and the trout are moving back on the grass flats as the water cools.


Cooler days and cooler water are here finally. days in the 80s nights in the 50s water temps in the mid to hi 70s. The trout and reds are moving into the upper harbor.

Must Have Flies 
Enrico's Tarpon Pinfish 1/0 Buy from
Tarpon Toad Black/purple 2/0 Buy from
Grassett's Flats Minnow White 2 Buy from
Grassett's Snook Minnow 2 Buy from
Orvis Tarpon Bunny 2 Buy from
Puglisi Finger Mullet, Black Tail 1/0 Buy from
Dave Pecci

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