Pine Island Sound - Ding Darling Refuge & Eastern Charlotte Harbor

Tip of the week 

Fish at sunrise in the upper Harbor for rolling tarpon. As soon as the sun get bright the tarpon will go into the deep holes. Change over to sinking lines and dredge the holes with weighted flies.

The beaches and passes are holding lots of snook. They are aggressive and will eat if they don't see you. Blind cast the contours with long casts. stay low and cast sidearm.

Redfish are holding on the bars and oyster reefs outside of the mangroves. Look for tails and pushes in shallow water. If you don't see any try blind cast the to deeper edges.

Seven-day forecast 

Snook will continue to be plentiful in the sound and on the beaches. The mangroves and oyster reefs are holding some redfish. Tarpon of all sizes will be in the upper Harbor.


Hot, hot, hot... The bite is at sunrise and ends by 9am for the most part. Lots of fresh water in the upper portion of the Harbor is pushing the snook and reds close to the ICW and the passes. Tarpon are now moving up into the harbor to their summer haunts.

Must Have Flies 
Enrico's Tarpon Pinfish 1/0 Buy from
Tarpon Toad Black/purple 2/0 Buy from
Grassett's Flats Minnow White 2 Buy from
Grassett's Snook Minnow 2 Buy from
Orvis Tarpon Bunny 2 Buy from
Puglisi Finger Mullet, Black Tail 1/0 Buy from
Dave Pecci

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