Pyramid Lake

Tip of the week 

Get out early to get a spot and enjoy good early action. Mid-day is slow, but it picks up again in the PM. Find a drop off. Anglers have reported activity in 7 to 20 feet of water. Use Depth Charge. Find a steep drop off and use black/grey/red/purple combos will work best. White beetles are good too. Strip flies at depths of 12 or more feet. Fish to 8 pounds common. Angling is slowly picking up. but fish being caught are nice sized. Balanced leeches are great under an indicator.

Seven-day forecast 

Fishing is improving. Concentrate your efforts on the deep drop offs with sinking line until more are seen in the shallows. Stripping is better, but some success on indicator rigs in 12 to 18 feet with leeches and large midges. Most guys are reporting a couple fish a day but they are in the 6- to 10 pound range. You might catch one 10 pounder, then get skunked for three hours...that's the average day out there currently. Fish early or late!

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Must Have Flies 
Woolly Bugger Olive/Black/Purple 2 Buy from
Mad Bomber Chironomid Tiger/White Head 2-8 Buy from
Clouser Minnow Olive/White 2-8 Buy from
Clouser Minnow Black/Green 2-8 Buy from
Krystal Bugger White 2-8 Buy from
Tungsten Cone Head Woolly Bugger Black/Olive 10 Buy from
Orvis Reno

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