Rapid River


Winter conditions persists. We have heavy ice pack on the lake. During the month of March we continued to create ice. Snow flurries over the weekend didn't amount to much, but kept the water temps cold.

Seven-day forecast 

This report is from the Oxford County flood report from the Sun Times. Typically, stream flows start increasing in early March as snow begins melting. But last month, temperatures were below freezing and below zero for many days. Rivers, lakes and ponds continued to make ice, which is very unusual. The snowpack increased. According to the Maine Cooperative Snow Survey, snowpack depths as of April 1 ranged from 18 to 42 inches in Oxford and Franklin counties from Rumford and Farmington north. The water content in that snow ranged from 7 to 11 inches.
The ice jam potential in the foothills of Maine is well above normal.
With this snow density, if we had 2 inches of rain over the mountains, nothing will happen, because the snowpack is at 0.25 to 0.30 (of an inch in) density," Stewart said. "It will absorb it." The storm on Friday and Saturday is expected to begin as sleet and snow in the western mountains before changing over to between half an inch and three-quarters of an inch of rain. Next Tuesday's storm will be more significant, he said. It's expected to dump more than an inch of rain on the coast and southern Maine and an inch in the mountains if it doesn't start as snow or sleet, He said high temperatures would be in the 40s but lower than Portland's average high of 48 degrees for this time of year, while low temperatures will range from the teens to the 20s. Those temperatures will support a slow snow melt and ice erosion, which is good, he said. However, going into the middle of April with a heavy snowpack raises the flood potential to above average, Hawley said. The flood potential for the Androscoggin River "is well above normal," because there is a lot of water on the ground at its headwaters, he said. He's anticipating more snowfall there as well. "The ice jam potential on the Androscoggin River and its tributaries is above normal," Hawley said. "The sun is trying to work on the ice south of Auburn, so there will be no issues there, but there may be some issues in Rumford."

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