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Tip of the week 

Fish early with the hot days ahead getting out early can make a differance.

Seven-day forecast 

Look for a consistent wind flow to turn on the bite. good tide coming the week.


Fishing report 2016 July25,2016
. . Narragansett Bay still holds striper's ,but the fishing has slowed with the warming water. Newport, stripers can be found along the rocky shore line. The many reefs offer a good opportunity for the fly fisherman. Bluefish can be found from Newport to Point Judith. most are 3-5 pound but some 10-12 pound blues have been reported.
Block Island has started to come alive with large stripers on the SW side . Most anglers using live bait eels. Fly and light tackle anglers score quality fish on the North end of the Island. Small blues are feeding along South County beaches. With the warm weather soon we will se the Bonito and false albacore. Report of Bonito in the fish traps off Newport, but no confirmed catches. I will be looking for the first arrival.
I will be out again soon look my report. Until then tight lines. Capt. Rene Letourneau

Captain Rene Letourneau

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Rene LeTourneau

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