Rhode Island Coastal

Tip of the week 

Large flies with deep sinking lines around schools of menhaden can produce stripers and bluefish. Schools size stripers can be found along Rhode Island's Rocky shoreline. Look for schools of menhaden and work the edges with large flies.

Seven-day forecast 

Clear skies and light winds in forecast should produce some excellent fishing the next several days


This is a Rhode Island coastal fishing report from Saturday,
October 5 To October 12
Fishing along Rhode Island's coastline has been as good as it can be. From Watch hill to Point Judith, bonito and stripers are feeding along the coastline. Scattered pods fast-moving albacore can be found almost anywhere. Although they can be very selective. These fish are feeding on small bait. And the water temp is dropping, they are hear now but could be on the way out.
The Newport area of came alive this week, large bass, bonito, false albacore have been working Newport Rocky shorelines. Fly fishers have been scoring throughout the Ocean State. Using small flies such as anchovy and silversides, patterns will do the trick.. With the volume of bait, along the ocean state should bring an outstanding fall run. There's still time to go fishing. I'll be out again soon with my report. Until then tight lines.

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