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Tip of the week 

Look for the first stripers along the rivers ,around the Ocean State. Narrow River Pawtuxet River, Barrington River, Warren River, and the Providence River. would be a good place to search for the first arrival. Newport ocean front could produce fish early in the season as well

Seven-day forecast 

It's the third week of April, and the temperature is still hovering in the 40s and 50s. Look for the temperature increase in the next seven days with sunny skies, This should help bring the water temp to more suitable range. Looks like we are a week to 10 days behind schedule due to extremely cold winter.


Coming this spring, June, 2015
Orvis / Rhode Island Striper school .
Striper fishing in Rhode Island, follow link below

In the last two or three weeks ,the ospreys have returned to New England . We have dozens pair's of mating ospreys, with nest along the ocean state. They start the process of rebuilding their nest, after the long cold winter. In the past 10 days Herring started to flood into the rivers to complete the journey to the rivers they were born in. With the record breaking snowfall and cold winter temps behind us, The water temperature has yet to come up to a. suitable temperature for striper fishing. Water temperature has increased the last two days but is still several degrees below the 50° mark. The boat is almost ready to go and I will start searching the waterways around 1 May. I will post my reports on regular basis. Until then, look for my reports tight lines.

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