Rhode Island Coastal

Tip of the week 

Slow down the presentation in fish deep.

Seven-day forecast 

Improving weather will start the feeding cycle once again. Still good opportunities to land the fish of a lifetime.


November 16,2015 November 24,2015
Rhode Island coastal fishing report
. Fisherman walk the beaches in search of the fall run. Striper have moved along the coast in waves. some days are better than others. Find the bait and the fish will be along soon.. Bait fish starting to move out of harbors and bays.
Stripers and Bluefish, are feeding along Rhode Island coastline.
:Large bait ( Menhaden )pouring out of Narragansett bay can be found in Newport harbor and along Narragansett. Stripers up to 20 lbs. reported feed early morning. Small bait still plentiful in most areas. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until the tight lines

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Rene LeTourneau

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