Rio Costilla

Tip of the week 

The Valle Vidal Section doesn't open until July 1. The RCCLA is open and fishing. Flows from the reservoir have decreased but there is still direct runoff. The best approach is dry-droppers with an easy to see dry fly and a nymph that will contrast with the murky water. Or straight nypmhing. Fish the deeper bend pools.

Seven-day forecast 

The Costilla, like the Cimarron, usually has a fishable runoff. The water is still cold and off color. The RCCLA will continue to fish better now that we are transitioning from May to June. The Costilla will continue to fish consistent through mid to late September. Remember the Valle Vidal section doesn't open until July 1.

Must Have Flies 
Stimulator orange or yellow 12-14 Buy from
The Doculator orange or yellow 12-14 Buy from
Royal Wulff 12-14 Buy from
Vernille San Juan Worm red 14 Buy from
Lightning Bug Pink 14-16 Buy from
Orvis CJ Nymph red 14-16 Buy from
Doc Thompson

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