Rio Grande

Tip of the week 

Some caddis are hatching but not in great force. Look for trout slashing for caddis pupas. Fish the edges with caddis adults and caddis pupa/emerger droppers. We've had some recent spring snows and rain which could cause in increase in flow and turbidity. The Red River Project may also cause added murky water. As this happens look to use big ugly nymphs like stoneflies, cranefly larva and streamers.

Seven-day forecast 

Conditions will probably be in limbo over the next week or so. We are coming out of a good heavy wet snow storm and some rain which will increase flows and decrease water clarity. This part can be a guessing game and a roll of the dice.

Must Have Flies 
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Splitsville Caddis brown olive 14-16 Buy from
Davy's Skating Caddis brown olive 14-16 Buy from
Grannom Emerger natural-tan 14-16 Buy from
Iko-Caddis Pupa olive 14-16 Buy from
T.H. Soft Hackle Caddis Pupa olive tan 14-18 Buy from
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