Aquatic Diseases

  1. Yellowstone's Native Fish Recovery

    TU supports the efforts of the National Park Service to control lake trout populations in Yellowstone National Park and to recovery important native trout fisheries throughout the park's prized waters. 

  2. Aquatic Invasive Species Project

    Scientists believe that aquatic invasive species are one of the greatest threats to America’s trout and salmon—in recent years, we’ve seen alarming examples of exotic invaders taking a toll on some of our most iconic waters.

  3. Science

    The Science Team at TU helps guide where and how the organization conducts its conservation efforts, collaborates on scientific projects with various state and federal agencies and partners, and also conducts original scientific research on trout conservation and conservation planning.

  4. Clark Fork Restoration

    When the Clark Fork River leaves Montana on its westward journey to the Pacific, it is Montana’s largest river—and one of its most storied. Its famous tributaries, like Rock Creek and the Blackfoot and Bitterroot rivers are among the most popualar angling destinations in America.

  5. Maine Brook Trout Ponds

    The brook trout lakes and ponds in Maine’s famed North Woods were among the nation’s first destination fisheries, bringing anglers from far-away places to fish legendary waters.

  6. Yellowstone River

    The Yellowstone is a river of legend, where an angler can cast to rising native trout amid the splendor of the world’s first national park, or hop a ride in a drift boat and cast to wild browns through Montana’s Paradise Valley.

  7. Upper Rio Grande

    In the high country of the Southwest, a rare trout swims in the cold, clear waters of the Rio Grande River system.

  8. Green River

    The Green River is one of the West’s storied fishing destinations. From its headwaters in the stunning Wind River Range to the legendary tailwater below Flaming Gorge Reservoir, the Green is what most anglers imagine when they dream of chasing wild trout in the remote and untamed West.

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