Chemical Pollution

  1. Eastern Shale Gas Monitoring Program

    Central Appalachia’s coldwater streams are still struggling from century-old impacts from past energy development. This, coupled with urbanization and other land management issues, has left us with few intact and healthy wild and native trout watersheds.

  2. Colorado Abandoned Mine Restoration

    Abandoned mines and their toxic legacies are among the most widespread, but least addressed, threats to native and wild trout. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that they impact over 40% of headwater streams in the West.

  3. Yankee Fork Side Channel Habitat Improvement

    TU's goal in the Yankee Fork basin was to create side-channel rearing habitat for juvenile Chinook salmon and steelhead trout and spawning habitat for adult steelhead.  Improved habitat will also benefit cutthroat trout and bull trout.

  4. Blackfoot River, Idaho Home Rivers Initiative

    The Blackfoot River in Idaho is located in what is known as the Southeast Idaho phosphate patch, where  there are several active and non-active phosphate mines within the Blackfoot Watershed.

  5. Upper Clark Fork Restoration Project

    Trout Unlimited has embarked on an ambitious effort to implement large-scale habitat and flow restoration in critical spawning and rearing tributaries throughout the Upper Clark Fork.

  6. Eastern Shale Gas Development

    Shale gas development in the East has taken on new dimensions in recent years, where energy companies are drilling for gas in the Marcellus and Utica shales.

  7. Roan Plateau

    Western Colorado’s Roan Plateau is one of the region’s great landscapes and a haven for fish, wildlife and sportsmen. It is also an important part of the area’s economy thanks largely to the hunting, fishing and recreation the Roan Plateau sustains.

  8. Thompson Divide

    With robust populations of cutthroats, brown and rainbow trout, and legendary populations of big game, the Thompson Divide is a place worth protecting. Unfortunately, it is also a place under threat from energy development. 

  9. Eastern Abandoned Mines Program

    The Environmental Protection Agency cites abandoned mine drainage as the single largest threat to the Appalachian region.

  10. Science

    The Science Team at TU helps guide where and how the organization conducts its conservation efforts, collaborates on scientific projects with various state and federal agencies and partners, and also conducts original scientific research on trout conservation and conservation planning.


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