Reduced Stream Flows

  1. Eastern Sierra Trout Project

    The Eastern Sierra is well known for its majestic peaks, geographic isolation, and world-class angling for wild trout. This region often draws comparisons to Montana for its diverse year-round fishing opportunities in the Walker, Owens and Carson River watersheds.

  2. Truckee River Project

    The Truckee River watershed offers one of the most diverse fishing experiences in the West. One can find pure Lahontan cutthroat trout in the Truckee's headwaters in roadless backcountry above iconic Lake Tahoe, the country's largest alpine lake.

  3. California Coastal Streamflow Stewardship Project

    Across much of California’s north and central coast, lack of streamflow is the single largest factor holding back the recovery of salmon and steelhead. The region’s climate is dominated by a wet season and a dry season, with 90% of the precipitation falling between November and April.

  4. California Coastal Coho and Steelhead Coalition

    The once-prolific runs of coho salmon and steelhead along California’s central and northern coast have declined precipitously since the 1950s, due to a variety of factors. California's coho salmon are now estimated at merely 1% of their historic abundance.

  5. Water and Wine

  6. Eastside Road Floodplain Restoration Project, White Mountain National Forest

    The White Mountain National Forest, a popular New England vacation destination, is home to hundreds of miles of hiking trails spanning over 4,000-foot mountaintops, 1,250 square miles of wilderness and 600 miles of rivers and streams.

  7. Clark Brook, Oliverian Brook and Eastman Brook, New Hampshire

    No matter how clean and cold the water is for brook trout, a bountiful population cannot occur without a significant amount of uninterrupted stream mileage to allow the fish to move throughout the length of stream.

  8. Nevada Spring Creek Water Rights Purchase

  9. Penobscot River Restoration

    After more than a decade of collaboration among the hydropower company that owned the river's dams, state and federal officials, conservation groups and the Penobscot Indian Nation, the Great Works Dam and the Veazie Dam, have been removed. A bypass around the Howland Dam is under way.

  10. Kinne Brook Restoration Project


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