Resources & Carrying Capacity

  1. Upper James River Home Rivers Initiative

    The Upper James River watershed drains more than 3,000 square miles of western Virginia encompassing 10 counties and hundreds of tributary streams -- the lifeblood of the James River.

  2. California Coastal Coho and Steelhead Coalition

    The once-prolific runs of coho salmon and steelhead along California’s central and northern coast have declined precipitously since the 1950s, due to a variety of factors. California's coho salmon are now estimated at merely 1% of their historic abundance.

  3. Securing Native Cutthroat Trout in Wheeler Creek

    The goal of the project was to prevent invasion of nonnative trout into waters occupied by a genetically pure population of native Colorado River Cutthroat Trout in Wheeler Creek.

  4. Improved Angling Opportunities at Hahns Peak Lake

    Hahns Peak Lake, a small, serene lake tucked into the mountains of northern Routt County, Colorado, offers a beautiful place to camp, hike and fish for native cutthroats and rainbows. TU's goal at the lake is to increase angling opportunities for youth and special needs recreationists.

  5. Otter Creek Reconnect and Reintroduction Project

    TU eliminated over 14 fish passage barriers in this tributary to the Bear River, replacing existing culverts and diversion dams with bottomless arch culverts and instream rock structures.

  6. Little Bear Flow Restoration Project

    TU installed four new pivot irrigation driven by innovative micro-hydro turbines that provide a source of clean and renewable energy.

  7. Upper Bear River Reconnect and Flow Restoration Project

    For more than a hundred years, individual ranchers and irrigation companies have diverted water from the main stem of the upper Bear River and a key tributary, the East Fork, to water hay and alfalfa field downstream near the town of Evanston, Wyoming.  Many of these aging canals and ditches run

  8. Weber River Diversion Rebuild

    This project prevents native Bonneville cutthroat trout, wild brown trout, and other fish species from being caught and killed in two large, irrigation diversions.  When completed, the project will also allow upstream passage for trout and a native fish called a Bluehead sucker that can live for

  9. Dolores River

    The Dolores River tumbles from the top of Lizard Head Pass above the town of Rico, down the valley through lush meadows and unique high-country aspen slopes, to the town of Dolores and into McPhee reservoir.  Along the way it is joined by the West Fork of the Dolores, which flows past the histor

  10. Science

    The Science Team at TU helps guide where and how the organization conducts its conservation efforts, collaborates on scientific projects with various state and federal agencies and partners, and also conducts original scientific research on trout conservation and conservation planning.

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