Rivanna River


With the water temperature getting close to 50 degrees the smallmouth will start their migration to the spawning grounds.Look for some depth that has chunk rock, boulders and/or ledge bottoms. The fish feel secure and looking for that easy meal here. By crawling, hopping or swimming a claw dad pattern in these areas you stand to catch possibly your biggest fish of the year!

Seven-day forecast 

The river was looking good. The rain event on Tuesday will cause it to turn muddy and rise. Keep your eye on the gauges and by late week it may be fishable again.

Must Have Flies 
May's Full Motion Crayfish Buy from Orvis.com
Gulley Worm Buy from Orvis.com
Gulley Ultra Craw Buy from Orvis.com
Craw Dawg Buy from Orvis.com
River Rodent Buy from Orvis.com
Gulley's Crawfish Buy from Orvis.com
Report from: L.E. Rhodes

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