Roaring River State Park

Tip of the week 

Pulling streamers, especially a black or olive wooly bugger with or without an intermediate sink tip will produce. Nymphing is always good.

Seven-day forecast 

Roaring River is in fantastic condition we missed all the big rains the river is clear and is fishing very well. We are catching trout on orange, white, yellow, and pink plastic worms. Dry fly fishing is wonderful right now, we are catching trout on Parachute Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, black beetles, and on Blue Wing Olives.

Black, skunk, brown and white Roostertails are still doing very well in the mornings, maribou jigs in black and yellow, white, olive, and brown are producing well.

Micro jigs are still working well.

We do have chances for rain in the forecast over the next several conditions may change.

White, ginger,and black and yellow are the best colors right now.

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- Updated 05/11/16

August 2013 flood photos:

Guide Phil Glaze

Tim caught this 20" McCloud River rainbow out of Crane Creek.

Here's a beautiful 15-lb, 31 1/2" Char that Tim Homesley caught on a trip to Alaska.

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