Roaring River State Park

Tip of the week 

Right now, emerger fishing should be good with the warm weather. Pulling streamers, especially a black or olive wooly bugger with or without an intermediate sink tip will produce. Nymphing is always good.

Seven-day forecast 

Winter C&R season has been great so far, with all the big fish that escaped
the hatchery in mid October, it has made for great fishing, plus the hatchery
has been keeping the stream stocked very well. They just put another batch of
nice sized trout in and they might put a few more in at the end of the month.

Dry fly fishing has been exceptional this winter, Blue Wing Olives, Caddis, Midges
and the fish are still hitting stimulators and other attractor flies, nymphs will work
all day, pheasant tails, copper johns, burlaps, scuds/sowbugs, gold ribbed hares
ears, and San Juan worms have been good all year.

Chamois worms, and the mega worm have accounted for a lot of lunkers this
season, as well as lots of just your average trout.

Lots of browns in the river this season, and they are hitting pretty good, I've
caught several over 4 lbs this year and a couple in the 6lb range, my biggest rainbow
this season was about 15 pounds, I've been lucky enough to catch several in the 10
lb range, lots and lots of rainbows in the river this year over 5lbs, several in the 5-8 pound
range, going to be a good opener, March 1st.

Micro jigs, little Ozark jigs, mini jigs and R.R. specials have been good all season, whites, greens, black/yellow and pink have been good colors.

Spinners work, you just have to keep them deep and slow.
Dk colors are working best, a little flash doesn't seem to hurt a bit right now.

Fishing report compliments of Tom's Fly Shop

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