Rock Creek

Tip of the week 

The dry action is a crap shoot but the nymphing and streamer fishing is fairly consistent. You might try a double nymph rig with bugger or zonker as the top bug.

Seven-day forecast 

Try and hit the days when the highs in Missoula will climb into the 40's.
For up to the minute reports, please call our Missoula fly shop at 406.542.7411. We will be able to give you the latest.

Must Have Flies 
I Can See It Midge Fly black or olive 20-18 Buy from
Bead Head Stonefly olive, black or tan 8-6 Buy from
Tunghead Stonefly olive, peacock 10 Buy from
Bead Head Woolly Bugger Streamer black or brown 8 -12 Buy from
Vernille San Juan Worm red, pink or orange 14-10 Buy from
Micro Egg orange, gold, pink 16-12 Buy from
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