Rock Creek

Tip of the week 

All the rain has made the river cool down quite a bit and flows have bumped back up. This means only good things to come in the next few weeks. Fish will be aggressively hunting for food before winter hits, this means you can get away with fly patterns that may not be the exact hatch going on or your streamer looks a little questionable. With that being said, on your warmer days Blue Wing Olive's will be out early in the morning till the sun really starts to peek out. After that Mahogany's will start to come out and will stay out pretty much all day if the weather holds. Keep an eye out for October Caddis as they don't hatch in huge numbers, but where they are hatching you can be assured the fish are all over them. As far as streamers go, just about any bigger pattern is going to work. Best colors from what our guides have said are, Olive, Black, Yellow, and White (the simpler the better). Nymphing is definitely your best bet if you don't see any dries out. A Hot Bead San Juan with a smaller nymph dropper (choose your favorite) seems to be the for sure thing to lock up some fish.

Run a Blue Wing and a Mahogany until about 10am then we'd switch to a dry/dropper rig. Be sure to fish nice, soft water and look for those drop offs... work the backwaters.
If a true dead drift isn't getting it done... try wiggling/twitching the bug on the mend.

Don't count out the dead/back waters... we've been picking fish up in any slow water.

You will have to start walking out of your way to get away from the crowds. Basically the further you walk from a fishing access the better the fishing will be for you!

Seven-day forecast 

Cold and cloudy weather expected through the weekend.

For up to the minute reports, please call our Missoula fly shop at 406.542.7411.
Our Philipsburg store is up and running, 406-859-9500...
Stop in and say hi to Sam Kellum and Bruce.

Must Have Flies 
Blue Winged Olive black or olive 18-20 Buy from
Bead Head Stonefly olive, black or tan 8-6 Buy from
Adam's Purple Parachute purple 16-18 Buy from
Bead Head Woolly Bugger Streamer black or brown 8 -12 Buy from
Vernille San Juan Worm red, pink or orange 14-10 Buy from
Micro Egg orange, gold, pink 16-12 Buy from
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