Rock Creek

Tip of the week 

In the mornings fishing smaller dries like a PMD and a rusty Spinner can be good. Soon as it hits about 11am switch to a hopper dropper rig and fish that on all seams, behind rocks, basically anything that looks like it could hold fish (odds are their is a fish there). In the evenings you can switch over to a caddis with a spinner behind it and have some fun with the big caddis hatch.

Streamer fishing is hit or miss, so we've heard. Fish very soft seams, back into the bank, and dead water. Slow swing leaving your bugs in there as long as possible.

Don't count out the dead/back waters... we've been picking fish up in any slow water.

Seven-day forecast 

Hot weather all week! maybe stop in the middle of the day and take a break, drink water and have fun out there!

For up to the minute reports, please call our Missoula fly shop at 406.542.7411.
Our Philipsburg store is up and running, 406-859-9500...
Stop in and say hi to Sam Kellum and Bruce.

Must Have Flies 
Elk Wing Caddis black or olive 14-16 Buy from
Bead Head Stonefly olive, black or tan 8-6 Buy from
Larson's Legend Golden Stone Dry gold 10-14 Buy from
Bead Head Woolly Bugger Streamer black or brown 8 -12 Buy from
Vernille San Juan Worm red, pink or orange 14-10 Buy from
Micro Egg orange, gold, pink 16-12 Buy from
Blackfoot River Outfitters

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