Rocky River

Tip of the week 

With warm weather in the forecast, the smallie and carp fishing should continue to improve. Smallie action has been heating up with plenty of fish willing to take streamers and crayfish patterns. With the warm days in the forecast, don't be afraid to get your top-water game going. Casting poppers and sliders into cover will become more and more effective as the summer progresses. When targeting carp, make sure to focuses mainly on feeding carp, and cast small crawfish patterns or other carpflies into their "feeding zone". Try to be as stealhy as possibe, river pigs are notoriously spooky, especially in low flows.

Seven-day forecast 

Some rain in the forecast may bring the needed drop in water temps and some higher flows before can see good numbers of fish in the rivers. Fingers crossed it will come sooner than later.

Must Have Flies 
Zonker White 6 Buy from
Freshwater Clouser Chartruse/white 4 Buy from
Gulley's Crawfish Tan, pink 8 Buy from
May's Full Motion Crayfish Tan 8 Buy from
Bead Head Woolly Bugger Streamer white/olive/black 6, 8 Buy from
Senyo's AI Intruder Green/Copper 6 Buy from
Orvis Cleveland

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