Rogue River

Tip of the week 

Anglers are reminded to be extremely careful when handling fish during this drought year. Fishing early in the day when water temperatures are cooler reduces stress. Always keep the fish in the water when looking for finmarks or taking photos and release fish quickly.

Beginning Sept. 1, the river above Fishers Ferry boat ramp is closed to fishing for Chinook salmon. In addition, fishing between Gold Ray and Cole Rivers Hatchery is limited to artificial flies only, any type rod and reel permitted. Please see the angling regulations for additional details.

Summer steelhead fishing is good. Anglers may want to try nymph patterns, or a big stonefly pattern in combination with a smaller nymph, or standard steelhead patterns. Trout fishing should be very good as well. Anglers may keep up to five adipose fin-clipped rainbow trout per day. All other trout must be released unharmed.

Seven-day forecast 

Check regulations, river flow and temperature information before heading out. Have fun this week on the river!

The count to the hatchery as of 9/16/14

Spring Chinook = 8,496
Summer Steelhead = 1,173

Must Have Flies 
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