San Diego Bay - Inshore


Use Intermediate or floating line in water less than 10 feet deep with short/quick strips followed by a pause. Deeper water 8 feet and deeper use a 250-300 grain shooting head with the same strip. Deeper channels, go to 7 weight rod with a 350-400 grain shooting head. Sparse flies with long crazy legs are working well.

Seven-day forecast 

Good tides and great weather all week. The bonefish are starting to bite with the warmer water. This is the best time of the year to be on San diego Bay. Bonefish not biting with the cooler water. Look for 63+ degree water for the bite to begin. Work the Glorietta Bay, the Amphibious Base and around the bridge. Water temperature in the back bay down to 68 degrees so state looking around 24th Street and Chula Vista. Look for the terns. Lots of Spotted Bay Bass and lots of smelt in the back bay. Smaller bait fish moving in so look for working birds.

Bonefish biting on live ghost shrimp and also on flies with orange in them. Chartreuos/white flies working good right now. Shrimp imitations should be used in the back bay looking for the bonefish. Good spotted bay bass action. Croaker and corvina are starting to show as more bait has come into the back bay. Watch for working birds south of the bridge.


Good tides and great weather all week. Water temperature in the mid 60s throughout the bay. Work your flies slower in the cooler water. Small bait fish around. Watch for working birds and breaking bait in the back bay.

Kelp bed water temperature 60.

Must Have Flies 

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