Sarasota Bay

Tip of the week 

Intermediate sink tip fly lines are my choice for fishing the coastal gulf waters.Use floating lines for reds and trout in skinny water and intermediate sink tip fly lines and weighted flies to fish deep grass flats for trout, blues, Spanish mackerel, flounder and pompano. Fish the ICW at night for snook with intermediate sink tip fly lines and Grassett Snook Minnow flies or Shrimp Gurglers on a floating line.

Seven-day forecast 

There should still be some action with tarpon in the coastal gulf. However as they thin out in the coastal gulf, they are moving to inside areas where you may find them rolling on deep grass flats or in passes at first light. You also should find trout, blues and more on deep grass flats of Sarasota Bay. Catch and release snook fishing should be good in the surf, in passes and around docks and bridges close to passes


Anglers fishing with me on my Action Craft flats skiff the Snook Fin-Addict, out of CB's Saltwater Outfitters on Siesta Key, had good action with blues and trout on flies in Sarasota Bay during the past week.

Denis Clohisy, from WI, and Jim Dempsey, from IL, fished with me on Monday and Tuesday, 8/4 and 5. We tarpon fished in the coastal gulf on Monday, which was our plan for both days. We had a west wind and rough water on Monday and with limited sunlight, it was tough to see fish. We have had shots at several large cobia while tarpon fishing recently. It pays to be ready!

It was too rough to fish the coastal gulf for tarpon on Tuesday, so we fished the west side of Sarasota Bay, which offered some protection. They caught and released trout and blues on Clouser flies. Action with blues on deep grass flats has been good! They are also fun to catch with top water plugs or fly poppers.


Must Have Flies 
Lefty's Deceiver black/red or purple 1/0-3/0 Buy from
Grassett's Deep Flats Bunny black, purple, tan o 1/0 or 2/0 Buy from
Grassett's Snook Minnow white 4 Buy from
Captain Rick Grassett

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