Schoharie Creek

Tip of the week 

This time of year as the hatches become less reliable terrestrials become a much more important part of the trout's diet. There are still a few aquatic insects hatching so they can not be ignored. This is the perfect time to fish with a Hopper Dropper rig. Tie a small bead head fly about a foot behind either a large Stimulator fly or a Dave's Hopper and float it through the shady, undercut, banks. Pay close attention to the top as it drifts downstream. Any hesitation means set the hook.

Seven-day forecast 

After a week of above normal temperatures this week will be slightly below normal. The cool front brought with it some very much needed rains and the streams are now flowing better. The remainder of the week will be mostly sunny and pleasant with daytime highs in the middle seventies.

Must Have Flies 
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Blue Wing Olive Parachute Blue #18 Buy from
Travis Para Ant Black #16 Buy from
Bead Head Prince Green #14 Buy from
Sulphur Parachute Yellow #16 Buy from
Dave's Oh-So-Iso Brown #12 Buy from
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