Schoharie Creek

Tip of the week 

The regular trout season on the Schoharie will open this Saturday Aprii1st. the water temperature will be very cold due to the heavy snow pack. Most fish will be concentrated in the calm areas of deep pools. They will be very reluctant to bite so you will need to present your fly super close to their mouths. Your best chances will come with the use of a tip sink line dragging heavy nymphs or streamers through these areas. Fish as slow as possible repeating several times in the same zone.

Seven-day forecast 

The start of the week will be a struggle between winter and spring with a cold rain mixing with wet snow. There will be some moderation by the middle of the week with temperatures rising into the fifties. Opening day on Saturday looks to be fairly nice with partial sunshine and temperatures in the upper fifties.

Must Have Flies 
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