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Fishing from the Jet boat, fly fishing one of our many 'runs' swing intruders for giant pacific steelhead & salmon on a different river every day we three water sheds. Skeena, Nass & Kitimat rivers giving us a massive play ground with over 30 rivers as well as lakes to angle on.

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The Skeena region is experiencing winter conditions we will get windows to fish beautiful steelhead on the Kalum,Skeena,lower Copper river there are also many area lakes that are perfect for a family day of ice fishing. We are excited to be preparing to attend Fishing shows in Sacramento & Denver getting together with old friends and guests of Westcoast Fishing Adventures we will kick off our season with spring steelhead starting Mach 15. Happy New Year to All .. Tight Lines Gill McKean

Now on to the fishing report our weather is far from normal with temps hitting double digits today with rain instead of snow we have high rivers at the moment however this will move the fish through the systems. The Kalum river winter run has been strong however water levels before the new year were very low and limited access by jet sled so drift boats or rafts were needed. The lakeelse river will start to heat up in the next week as water levels drop. As we drove the I 5 looking at Washington,Oregon then California rivers on the way to the show it looked as though they were have an ex stream dry spell. However on the journey home we noticed most rivers had got the badly needed rain. We had the pleasure of stopping to pick up an New 18 ft Clack drift boat then wetting a line in the Clacka-mas river it was still on the mend however there were allot of excited fishers out on the water happy to have water to navigate the river. We also were testing the New Jet drift the boys at Clackacraft have been hard at work on. I was very impressed with the boat this is defiantly a boat Westcoast Fishing will have in the line up of tools to give our guests access to our great fisheries. I could go on and on about our up coming season but will have to ask you to come and visit our website to see our fishing report @

Tight Lines to All Gill McKean

Dec 16/2013 The weather has warmed up the Kalum river is full of wild winter steelhead there is no licensed guiding available at this time of year on this river however there are many good access points to have a self guided adventure the river is located not far from the town of Terrace BC. There are other more remote guided adventures available upon request. Tight Lines and Merry Christmas to all.

August 12 / 2013 We are seeing record low water on all rivers in the region 6 water shed fishing has been good. Low snow pack and summer heat has been a factor in the water levels the sockeye salmon return is low , Chinook returns were average, Pink salmon are having a good return, Steelhead numbers seem average at this time, Coho salmon returns are average, Chum salmon returns are very low. We still have a few openings for our steelhead camp this fall if you are interested please feel free to contact us with any questions. Tight Lines Gill McKean

July 1 / 2013 The Skeena has dropped from the last of the snow pack chinook are in and the bite is on, we are also seeing pinks in the lower Kitimat already oh goody. Couple more weeks we will see the first of the summer run steelhead on the Skeena in the copper river these are the true summer runs we catch them in there prime long before there 400 km journey inland. If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line.
Tight Lines Gill & Mandi 1-250-638-0021

June 4/2013 The Chinook are running our rivers now conditions are still a little unstable at present however we have had windows of great Chinook fishing off and on for the last 3 weeks. The Nass river is already getting Sockeye salmon as well as Chinook we should see stable water conditions around the middle of June we look forward to hearing from any one interested in our world class sport fishing destination.
Tight iines Gill McKean 1-866-578-8552 Toll free or 1-250-638-0021 we also offer remote steelhead camps spring and fall.

May 20/2013 our spring steelhead camp closed April 30th we are now gearing up for chinook on the fly as well as many other speices the water is high and dirty on the Skeena at the moment however other area rivers are running very clean and fishing well. If you have not yet booked your fishing vacation please look us up we provide a multitude of packages. Find us on the web at Tight lines Gill McKean.

March 27/2013 Terrace BC Skeena river steelhead report. The fishing is just getting better by the day with fresh runs of steelhead entering the Kitimat river , Kalum river , & most of the region 6 rivers in the lower Skeena water shed will see spring steelhead entering from now to Mid May. As the water rises the early Chinook will be on the move.

For more info please feel free to contact us any time @
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Feb 18/2013 Terrace BC Skeena river steelhead report the weather has been warmer than average with little snow pack the days are getting longer with fresh steelhead showing up in abundance. We will soon be gearing up for our 2013 guide season we are proud to say its been 17 years of getting people from around the world hooked up. If you are looking for a guided adventure or advice on where to cast please feel free to give us a call or send and email our way. 1-250-638-0021 Tight Lines Gill McKean

Jan 29/2013 - Skeena river steelhead report well we just returned from Hawaii after an 8 day fishing vacation with Mike Hennessy from Hawaii on the fly what can I tell you it was a trip for the books we will return. On our arrival back to Terrace we were surprised to see the false charge of Spring in the air. The steelhead fishing has been very good on the Kalum river there seems to be a healthy winter run of large fish all this with no people to speak of as it is a local only fishery guiding is shut down till March 15 at which point most of these fish are getting ready to spawn ?? That said there is a brand New shiny Chrome run showing up on the Kitimat river as well as a few other rivers I wont name LOL. Our Steelhead camp will be ready to Go By March if you are not booked that is a shame you are truly missing the Holy Grail of steelhead fishing.. Tight Lines Gill McKean

Skeena river report for Dec 10 /2012 The snow is falling the land is white the rivers are low and clear. Steelhead fishing continues to be very good the Kalum river is fishing hot fish are still coming in "chrome" taking swung flies - The copper is still open to angling untill Jan 1. Fish are stacked throughout the river most of these fish have been hooked multiple times however there are sill a few fresh fish entering. This fishery gets a little beat up by this time of the season best to let nature take its course. We are looking forward to the New Year with New Fish showing up in numbers from March through May Then heading in Chinook Season. That's all for now Tight Lines & Merry Christmas to all.. Gill Mckean

Fishing Report for November 12/2012 The season is over for guiding I can tell you this it was a great year for Steelhead !!! We are now 50% booked up for our Spring steelhead camp & 10% booked for our Fall camp. The fishing on the Kalum river is just getting better by the day as the winter run shows up in numbers. It has been nice to get out and toss a line for our selves we have had many fish in the teens & 3 over twenty in the last four days all on the swing. water temps are 39 to 40 while some other area rivers such as the Kispiox have seen Ice flows off and on. The Coppper river has been fishing very good a little crowded at times but walk a little and you will find fishy runs to get hooked up! We look forward to hearing from you in 2013 Tight lines Gill McKean 1-250-638-0021

Closed but will reoprn March of 2014

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