Snake River - Jackson

Tip of the week 

Hopper season is upon us. Try a hopper or other terrestrial pattern close to the bank. Nocturnal/Mutant Stones will also be coming soon so skating a Chubby Chernobyl or Water Walker off the bank in the early morning hours can be very productive. PMDs and caddis are out and you can find fish in the riffles taking small dries.

Seven-day forecast 

It will be sunny and hot most of the week. Make the best of the hot afternoons by fishing hoppers and terrestrials.

Must Have Flies 
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Orvis CJ Nymph red 12-16 Buy from
Hickey's Tungsten Bead Auto Emerger PMD 14-16 Buy from
Gee's Supafly Stone Dry 14-18 Buy from
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