South Platte River - Below Spinney Mountain Reservoir

Tip of the week 

Double nymph rig or Czech nymphing. Fish feeding on BWOs both on top and in film

Seven-day forecast 

Extreme fishing pressure has taken its toll on fish here. Flows have dropped to below 50cfs, making conditions more difficult. Find somewhere else to have a good time. There is an abundance of water all over this state.

Must Have Flies 
Vernille San Juan Worm Brown 16 Buy from
Micro Egg orange 16 Buy from
Krystal Bugger white 6 Buy from
Indicator Spinner - Trico Black 22 Buy from
RS2 Black 24 Buy from
Travis Hi-Vis Baetis Para Emerger Olive 20 Buy from
Royal Gorge Anglers

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