South Platte River - Cheeseman-Chatfield

Tip of the week 

Nymph fishing using a two fly rig is still the standard for the South Platte but this time of the year anglers can expect to fish dries early afternoon with the midge hatch.

Seven-day forecast 

Monday - 22 degrees, Snow
Tuesday - 37 degrees, Clouds and minimal sun
Wednesday - 32 degrees, Partly sunny
Thursday - 22 degrees, Cold & Snowy
Friday - 26 degrees, mostly cloudy
Saturday - 34 degrees, mostly cloudy and some snow

Must Have Flies 
Bead Head Prince peacock 16-20 Buy from
RS2 grey 20-24 Buy from
Rojo Midge Black/Red 20-24 Buy from
American Pheasant Tail Nat 18-20 Buy from
WD-40 Tan 18-22 Buy from
Micro Egg Orng, nat, and shar 12-18 Buy from
Orvis Cherry Creek

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