Southern Biscayne Bay & Key Largo

Tip of the week 

Snook/Reds, with these super high tides fishing in remote areas is possible for a few days. Look for fish near the mangroves, cast bait fish patterns in deeper spots at the roots. A 6-8wt is perfect with a 30lb bite tippet, this size will help avoid break-offs with fine sharp teeth and barnacle encrusted roots. Cast near the fish and simply strip the fly if they are feeding they will engulf the fly and don't forget a weedguard on your flies.

Seven-day forecast 

Low pressure systems will drive tropical moisture into the Gulf Coast and portions of the southeast U.S. into Monday. Moderate coastal flooding remains possible along the eastern seaboard.


Coastal flooding possible with the moon phase so watch the ramp area also the forecast is for light winds and some rain so beware.

Must Have Flies 
Grand Slam Crab white/chartruse 1-1/0 Buy from
Tarpon Toad brown/green 1/0-2/0 Buy from
Lefty's Deceiver tan/brown 1-1/0 Buy from
Clouser Minnow green/tan 1-1/0 Buy from
Barracuda Fly white 1/0 -3/0 Buy from
Capt. Dave Hunt

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