Spring Creek

Tip of the week 

Nymphing a limestoner is always the default technique. Day in and day out, the fish just feed better on the bottom than on the surface. For Spring Creek sowbugs and shrimp (scuds) are 24-7-365 flies, patterns that work virtually year round. Zebra Midges, to match the midges on the water, also make sense. Wet black ants, a pattern that has been used in Pennsylvania for almost 90 years, are deadly fished along the banks and under riparian vegetation.

Seven-day forecast 

Tricos have been on Spring Creek over a month. I wish I could say that they have the fish rising well, but that is not the case. The combination of above average water levels and cooler than normal over night low temperatures have pushed the spinner falls later into the morning. After 9 AM winds pick up and often blow the little mayflies completely off the water. However, even though they do not induce the fish to rise to them, they are still impacting the fishing in a positive way. See the tips of the week.

Steve Sywensky
Flyfisher's Paradise
State College PA

Must Have Flies 
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Flyfishers Paradise

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