St. Joe River

Tip of the week 

Streamers and nymphs in the morning have seemed to be okay, but the fish have been looking up in the afternoon. Small mayflies and medium sized cherbs have been good.

Seven-day forecast 

River clarity is good and the rivers have just been staying high this spring. When you get a window it is worth checking out. The reports were stellar from saturday up there, but slowed down on Sunday. Kinda like the weather things change a lot this time of year, but it better than not going!

Must Have Flies 
Conehead Rubber Bugger Olive, black, brown, 4-8 Buy from
Sparkle Dun brown, pmd 14-18 Buy from
Stimulator olive 10-14 Buy from
Tunghead Prince peacock, purple 14-18 Buy from
Gee's Supafly Stone Dry brown, olive 10-14 Buy from
Double Bunny Black/Tan, olive 4-6 Buy from
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