St. Joe River

Tip of the week 

Best technique would be to get to the Joe. Streamers and nymphs in the mornings have gotten the day going and then after noon the fish are looking up. Big stones and attractors with bead droppers or smaller dry trailers has been good depending on where you are fishing.

Seven-day forecast 

This river will handle the warmth better then the CDA. It has been pretty cool in the mornings so by the end of the week the dry flying might get better a little earlier. Mid day on the lower river will start slowing down, but shouldn't be to bad in the faster water on the upper sections. With the holiday weekend coming, fishing mid-week will be preferable, but should be nice weather for the Fourth!

Must Have Flies 
Conehead Rubber Bugger Olive, black, brown, 4-8 Buy from
Sparkle Dun brown, pmd 14-18 Buy from
Stimulator olive 10-14 Buy from
Tunghead Prince peacock, purple 14-18 Buy from
Flying Ant black 8-10 Buy from
Double Bunny Black/Tan, olive 4-6 Buy from
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