St. Joseph River

Tip of the week 

LOTS OF ICE AND FROZEN OVER!...BIG DEEP FREEZE COMING- SUB ZERO TEMPS--BUT WARM UP AGAIN...been slow fall..Still a few steelhead and...lake -run browns ..BUT!!!!!EVERYTHING IS RUNNING LATE THIS YEAR BECAUSE OF THE COLD LAKE ICE OVER CONDITIONS FROM WINTER...... Fall steelhead starting to show off the pier heads IN DECENT #'S..after lake turnovers...but south winds will war, lake temps at beach.....use 14 foot spey rods with Skagit shooting heads -over head casting like east coast salt for pier fishing...;large orange/chartreuse and black intruders....also baitfish intruders...patterns in "Selectivity" book and "Steelhead Dreams"
my blog says it all
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Seven-day forecast 

Severe weather alert, cold most of this week.


Must Have Flies 
Steak N Eggs black 4-6 Buy from
Tequila Sunrise black 6 Buy from
Meg A Egg Sucking Leech puple 4 Buy from
Senyo's Trout Parr natural 2 Buy from
Robinson's Chicken Hawk orange purple 2-4 Buy from
Senyo Wiggle Stone black blue 10-12 Buy from
Matt Supinski

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