St. Joseph River

Tip of the week 

fresh steelhead coming into Berroen Springs and at Paw Paw...ICE JUST STARTED BREAKING NEAR MOUTH OF RIVER TODAY!!!!!!LOTS OF ICE AND FROZEN OVER!...another cold sanp---BUT WARM UP AGAIN...been slow fall- hope spring is better..Still a few steelhead and...lake -run browns ..BUT!!!!!EVERYTHING IS RUNNING LATE THIS YEAR BECAUSE OF THE COLD LAKE ICE OVER CONDITIONS FROM WINTER...... Fall steelhead starting to show off the pier heads IN DECENT #'S..after lake turnovers...but south winds will war, lake temps at beach.....use 14 foot spey rods with Skagit shooting heads -over head casting like east coast salt for pier fishing...;large orange/chartreuse and black intruders....also baitfish intruders...patterns in "Selectivity" book and "Steelhead Dreams"
my blog says it all
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Seven-day forecast 

HEAT WAVE!!!!!!Warming trend begining this coming week.


Must Have Flies 
Steak N Eggs black 4-6 Buy from
Tequila Sunrise black 6 Buy from
Meg A Egg Sucking Leech puple 4 Buy from
Senyo's Trout Parr natural 2 Buy from
Robinson's Chicken Hawk orange purple 2-4 Buy from
Senyo Wiggle Stone black blue 10-12 Buy from
Matt Supinski

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