St. Joseph River

Tip of the week 

Swinging big intruders /black and pink for fresh Skamania....drop back steelhead are focusing on bait fish, so white style intruders are best....Fish various baitfish and crayfish patterns around rocks in 3' - 8' of water for best results right now for Smallmouth Bass. Big and bright streamers near weed edges and ambush points for Northern Pike. There are still some steelhead left in the system which can be caught on various bugs, eggs or streamers. Brown Trout fishing is picking up on the Dowagiac River as well, streamers and nymphs are your best bet for them..... BTW..the Dowagiac River is not accessible below the Pucker street dam due to landowner posting-ask Kory

Seven-day forecast 

Early mornings have already seen a few summer runs taken off the piers and in the river... Summer steelhead are beginning to show up in the river, but there are very few in thus far. Smallmouth Bass are getting very active and eating topwater flies with wreckless abandon! Pick your poison and get out there and fish!

Must Have Flies 
Steak N Eggs black 4-6 Buy from
Steelhead Hammer black 6 Buy from
Meg A Egg Sucking Leech puple 4 Buy from
May's Full Motion Crayfish natural 2 Buy from
Schmidt's Junk Yard Dog Tan/Brown 2 Buy from
Lynch's Double D Streamer White/Pearl 4 Buy from
Matt Supinski and Kory Boozer

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