About me 
Part of 4 generations of family involvement with TU. I am a Madison Gallatin TU member for almost 40 years, my wife Karyn's Dad, Bob Foukal, was an "NLC member" (they didn't call it that way back then), my oldest son Kris is a Board member of MGTU, and my 6 grandchildren are Stream Explorers! I am a 40 year Montana fly fishing guide and outfitter, and if you want to meet with me to talk TU business, we're going to do our meeting on the river!
Other Interests 
my grandkids
oood food
and serving our nation's veterans!
Group membership 
Aquatic Invasive Species/ Clean Angling
Utah Single Fly
Origin Stories | TU Chapters
Veterans Service Partnership
National Leadership Council - NLC
California - 9CA

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