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Jim Jeffress

Jim Jeffress
Job title 
Nevada Backcountry Coordinator
About me 
It has been four years since I started work for Trout Unlimited as their Backcountry Coordiantor in Nevada. The emphasis of my work to this point in time has been a collaborative effort with the Humboldt County Commission and establishing a review process to evaluate two Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) in that county . The one year effort realized the formulation of a 23 person working group of diverse interests to assess two WSA's in the Pine Forest range. The ultimate charge by the county commission was to develop land use recommendation on those two WSA's for action by that commission. After unanimous acceptance of those recommendation; the product was drafted into a Bill form by the Nevada congressional delegation for federal legislation in 2011. Since that time the legislation has gained unilateral support in Nevada without any recommendations to the contrary. The Bill will hopefully be passed during 2014 after a couple years of no action on any land use legislation. The template used in this assessment proces will hopefully be adopted by other counties in Nevada to evaluate and make recommendations on remaining WSA's in the state. In concert with my priamry activity associated with the Pine Forest legislation, I am involved in a number of other TU programs in northern Nevada. Support is given to personnel associated with the Lahontan cuttroat trout recovery program as it relates to planning and implementation on public lands and private property. My participation invovles more the liaison role between various entities invovled with the recovery efforts. Review of energy (oil and gas) developemnt proposals on public lands has become an aspect of my job with TU. The activity is relatively new to most of Nevada and in the infancey stages of development. Renewable energy is much further advanced in Nevada with a number of projects on line with many more in the proposal stages. My invovlement in reneweable energy has been focused on federal renewable energy legislation that would provide for more local review, the opportunity to insure "the right project goes in the right location" and eventual revenue sharing by the counties and states. Efforts to work with state and county governments, to help lobby for such legisaltion, has been the thrust of much of my time. Numerous other land use topics or issues may divert my time in order to assess the impacts of those issues on cold water fisheries or important wildlife habitats. All in all, TU keeps me very busy looking out for resource values in primarily northern Nevada. After forty plus years of resource experience and being an empty nester with a couple of granddaughters (age give away), I still find resource work rewarding. When time allows, my favorite activities include hunting, fishing and outdoor activities with my family.

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