Sugar Creek

Tip of the week 

Water temperature has dropped; fish are holding in deeper water. Fishing streamers slow and deep will work!

Seven-day forecast 

With the cooler air temperatures in the overnight hours, the fish are holding in deeper/warmer water. If you go and fish, late in the afternoon will be your best option. Fish smaller streamers in deep pools, use flurocarbon to help your fly reach the bottom. Longer leaders and a slow retrieve are working!

Must Have Flies 
May's Full Motion Crayfish orange 6-10 Buy from
TeQueely Streamer olive, black 6-10 Buy from
Sneaky Pete Popper Chart/Red 4-8 Buy from
Hair Bass Bug Fruit Cocktail 4-6 Buy from
Bass Popper char, black 2-4 Buy from
Josh's Wiggle Hellgrammite black 8-10 Buy from
Orvis Carmel

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