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Shale gas development in the East has taken on new dimensions in recent years, where energy companies are drilling for gas in the Marcellus and Utica shales. Underlying parts of New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, and Maryland, the shale deposits have made the region a hotbed for "fracking," a process that extracts gas from deep underneath the ground by injecting water, sand and chemicals under high pressure. The industrialization of remote areas -- clearing forested areas for well construction, building new roads and pipelines, and withdrawing water from rivers and streams -- all have the potential to have profound effects on fishing and hunting in the region.   


TU advocates for responsible energy development across the country. Here, in a region replete with trout streams and some of the East's best remaining forested habitat, it is critical that shale development be done in a way that protects these places special to sportsmen and women for generations.  TU is working to advocate for strong regulations to govern shale development at the state, local and federal levels, to monitor gas drilling impacts across critical watersheds through a cadre of trained volunteers over 400 strong, and to demonstrate and promote sound management practices with willing industry partners. TU was also instrumental in creating the Sportsmen Alliance for Marcellus Conservation, a coalition of more than 265,000 sportsmen and women who are working together to identify and mitigate the impacts of shale gas drilling on hunting, fishing, trapping and other outdoor sporting activities.     


TU has been a staunch advocate for the protection of fish and wildlife habitat when it comes to shale gas exploration. From testifying at U.S. Senate hearings on energy and natural resources, to participating in setting standards for best practices of energy development, TU is a valued voice when it comes to protecting coldwater habitat from shale gas drilling impacts.     

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