Pennsylvania Eastern Brook Trout Habitat Initiative


Throughout Pennsylvania, native brook trout are at risk. Pressures from poor land management,natural resource development and other problems have reduced the number of fish and fishing opportunities throughout the state. 

TU is embarking on a new project, working to restore brook trout habitat in several important watersheds in Pennsylvania, by reconnecting rivers and streams, repairing and replacing culverts where fish can’t swim through and will, overall, increase places for fish to live.

First, we will conduct the first-ever statewide inventory of streams to determine which places are most in need of and will likely benefit from restoration, then TU will develop a master plan to repair these places and increase habitat for the fish.  With a plan in place, TU will begin to repair and replace culverts to illustrate the benefit of this type of restoration work.


Trout Unlimited will initally focus on Pennsylvania streams that have the highest capacity to produce healthy populations of brook trout. Working with partners, we will improve habitat for Eastern brtook trout by restoring degraded roads, planting new plants alongside streams, stabilizing streambanks and reconnecting streams.



Many streams throughout Pennsylvania are the unwitting victims of decades of development and poor land use. TU has the track record and expertise to invidualize an approach to tackle these problems on a large scale. In doing so, we will protect these fish and increase fishing opportunities throughout the state. It’s a new project with great potential for restoring healthy populations of Pennsylvania’s state fish.

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Amy Wolfe, Eastern Abandoned Mine Program and Pennsylvania Eastern Brook Trout Habitat Initiative Director--


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