Upper Manistee River

Tip of the week 

Hoppers in the hot temps afternoons is the ticket now. Fish hoppers until late afternoon, then switch to a PMX or other rubber-legged pattern until dusk. Mousing is moving some very large fish from dark to dawn.

Seven-day forecast 

Hot temps again this week. Go to www.streamsideorvis.com "Blog" section on www.streamsideorvis.com home page and choose "weather" to check up on daily weather.

Must Have Flies 
Adams #14 Buy from Orvis.com
Adam's Purple Parachute #14 Buy from Orvis.com
Dave's Oh-So-Iso #12 Buy from Orvis.com
Royal Coachman #14 Buy from Orvis.com
Schroeder's Parachute Hopper tan #12 Buy from Orvis.com
Lynch's White Bellied Mouse #4 Buy from Orvis.com
Streamside Michigan

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