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11.2 miles
The Mill Creek Dam Fish Passage Project site, post-construction and just prior to this winter's heavy rains. The roughened main channel and side channel will make it easier for coho and steelhead to migrate past the site.
Soda Creek, tributary to the upper Eel River. Large wood structure project directed by TU's North Coast Coho Project.  
As the California Water Board considers new water quality regulations for suction dredge mining, TU urges anglers to weigh in  
Baldface Creek, Smith River headwaters, OR. Photo: California Department of Fish & Wildlife  
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TU in California: 2016 Highlights
By Brian Johnson
Central Valley salmon and steelhead runs, such as those in California's Merced River (above), have been in decline for decades due primarily to lack of water at critical times.
Many members of Congress have worked hard on important provisions of WRDA that deserve passage, including several which will restore watersheds and help ensure clean drinking water. TU strongly urges Congress not to hold those meritorious provisions hostage to an unworkable and unrelated drought [ READ MORE... ]
California has over 189,000 miles of rivers. Salmon and steelhead swam in most of those miles until the 20th century, when dams and growing water diversions severely diminished fish passage and habitat. It’s a long, woeful story. Since the 1950’s, salmon and steelhead runs, which once sustained [ READ MORE... ]
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It is all about the water
TU’s California Program releases new film and video channel, plays role in new proposed flow standards and new regulations aimed at making water data more accessible and useful.
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'Road to redemption for the Klamath'
Brian J. Johnson, director of Trout Unlimited’s California and Klamath programs, played a major role in negotiating the revised KHSA. Johnson said, “These filings are a big step forward on the road to redemption for the Klamath River and its legendary salmon and steelhead runs. Trout Unlimited [ READ MORE... ]