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Trout Tips: The new book
We're very proud to release TU's newest book, "Trout Tips," a collection of tips and tricks from our staff and membership that's de
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Fly tying: The Top Secret Midge
These blustery spring days when Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind can frustrate even the most seasoned angler when it comes time to figure out the right fly pattern. Bright sunshine one minute can be followed up by a quick dose of rain, a snow squall or a sleety mix of both.
By Chris Hunt
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Video spotlight: The Devils
Most of the land around Texas' great fishing rivers is owned by individuals. Public lands are few and far between. But, in West Texas north of the town of Del Rio, there flows a river that's part of a state natural area and accessible to everyone.
While it's still very possible to hook into a bestial chinook salmon in Pacific waters—fish that can grow upwards of 50 pounds or more—imagine what it might be like to connect with a
We've known for a long time that farmed salmon arrive on our plates accompanied by plenty of peril, both for those choosing to eat these fish, and for the wild salmon and sea trout that share the oceans with big aquaculture operations.
I grew up chucking big Rapalas and Beetle Spins at bass in farm ponds and lakes in Kansas—it was a great way to learn some basics of casting and working a lure.
The video below may seem a bit poorly timed, what with spring springing all over the country, and its contents dealing largely with fly fishing in the fall. 
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New book, Trout Tips, is here!
Please buy this book, called Trout Tips. It only costs, $16.99, it will make TU stronger, and hopefully h