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Technology in fishing has grown by leaps and bounds over the last half-century or so.
The first time I ever used a Zebra Midge, I was bundled up in Neoprene waders and walking my float tube down the S-curves of Idaho's Silver Creek.
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New gear: The Ripplebox
A pair of fly fishing entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom are hoping to modernize the average fly box by making inserting and removing flies easier and cleaner, giving anglers more time with flies in the water.
Outdoor manufacturer and retailer Patagonia took a bold step recently and produced the company's first-ever TV ad.
Trout in austere, backcountry creeks are oppotunists. The very thing that makes these streams so appealing to anglers—cold, cystal clear waters, amazing viewscapes, a wild, largely untouched setting—is what makes life so tough on small-stream trout.
Bull trout are the only native char to the interior Northwest. Close relatives to brook trout, Arctic char and Dolly Varden, they require the coldest and cleanest waters to survive and thrive. It's no suprise that their populations have been greatly impacted by development over the years.
This may come as a shock to a lot of anglers out there, but the state with the most miles of trout water isn't Montana or Colorado. It's not Idaho or Wyoming or California.