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Trout Unlimited announced it has hired Kira Finkler to take on the task of directing the Idaho Water and Habitat program.
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Trout Unlimited goes to camp
Last fall, Trout Unlimited and Wood River Land Trust staff helped teach Wood River Middle School kids about water quality sampling and the use of the scientific method at the 2015 outdoor environmental camp.
Trout Unlimited, the Wood River Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy are working to restore and reconnect Rock Creek with the Big Wood River in Blaine County, ID.
Only three week prior to the Beaver Creek Fire, the U.S. Forest Service had completed an environmental assessment of the Deer Creek watershed, and begun development of an integrated watershed restoration plan designed to improve forest health, enhance wildlife and fish habitat, reduce the potential [ READ MORE... ]
The Big Wood River of Idaho is getting a health check. And recent findings indicate that there are opportunities to improve the river’s health.
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Mapping the ribbon of green
Anglers and scientists have long appreciated what makes great trout habitat – cool and clean water, good food sources, and complex habitats. That’s certainly true in the high desert, but staff from TU’s science program hypothesized that we could learn more about redband trout distribution and [ READ MORE... ]
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Fishing shouldn't suck
Walking up Scotty Creek with Nils Cowan, a reporter looking into the world of suction dredging, we saw the change - the altering of the stream bed. The large divot left behind. The turbidity in the water below the dredge operation, particles of the streambed sucked up and then vomited out the back [ READ MORE... ]
Now that Tintina Resources has submitted its formal proposal to mine copper next to one of the most important tributaries to Montana’s iconic Smith River, business people, anglers, hunters, landowners, farmers, ranchers, floaters, families – Montanans – should demand one thing from the state agency [ READ MORE... ]
Invasive species are no small problem, especially when illegally introduced - look no further than the massive effort on Yellowstone Lake to eradicate cutthroat-gobbling-lake trout to see the effort, cost and time it takes to reverse such actions. That is why Montana Trout Unlimited and the Flat